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Commercial Catalogue

At L&M Home, we are experts in creating refined, luxurious and quality textiles. We believe in sophisticated design and have an appreciation for beautiful spaces.

We invite you to be inspired by our commercial offering. You will find products in this catalogue that look familiar and that is because some L&M Home 'classics' are designed for commercial use and are regularly kept in stock. You will also find a range of new products selected by our design team, who have developed sophisticated concepts focussed on quality and durability, without compromising on style.

This range is simply an ‘offering’ and is not limited to these designs. We are more than happy to customise these products to suit your vision and requirements. We understand constraints and client demands and can accommodate for these.

We collaborate with excellent manufacturers who specialise in the hotel industry and have a wealth of experience with supplying top hotels and resorts around the world. L&M Home have supplied several commercial projects over the years, including hotels, boutique accommodation, resorts, serviced apartments, restaurants and events.

Our sales agents can offer expert advice and we welcome you to discuss any upcoming projects with them. We invite you to visit us and explore our collection, and hope that you walk away feeling inspired and invigorated.

L&M Home. Worldly. Inspired