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At L&M Home we’re about bringing a world of inspiration to your home.

We seek out individual pieces with unique stories and beautiful style to create curated collections that enhance living spaces and evoke warmth and emotion.

We think inspiration can be found everywhere. We take inspiration from our travels, exploring the far corners of the globe, capturing culture, colour and texture to bring our collections to life.

We are L&M Home. Worldly. Inspired.


Anna grew up in Norway and started working life in the PR department of a record company. 
She spent 3 years in London and one in New Zealand before moving to Australia and settling down in Melbourne. 
Having fallen in love with Melbourne’s diversity and way of life, Anna has lived here ever since. 

Along with a business partner, she started her first business venture: a fashion company importing end of season clothing from France and Italy. 
After several years in the fashion industry and with a sound knowledge of manufacturing and importing under her belt, Anna was ready 
for a new challenge, and started Linen & Moore in 2000.

These days, Anna continues to confidently run (the recently rebranded) L&M Home. 
She travels all over the world to source new and exciting products for the company, from Asia to Europe and beyond. 
Anna visits India each year to work with many fantastic suppliers there, and to oversee the manufacturing processes.

Anna is inspired by her travels, bold colours and striking patterns, which can be seen throughout each collection produced by L&M Home.

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