How to Achieve Hotel Luxury at Home

Those fluffy white towels and crisp sheets you relish at a hotel? Why save them for getaways when you can make them a daily indulgence at home. Bring a little five-star luxury into your rituals by upgrading a few simple pieces in the bedroom and bathroom.  

How to Achieve Hotel Luxury at Home

Luxurious Sheets 

Choose a soft Egyptian cotton in white for a classic hotel look. To attain those delicious hotel bed layers, be sure to use a flat sheet under your duvet or quilt. European Pillows do an amazing job at making your bed upscale, as well as adding a level of comfort for relaxing in bed with a book or movie.

How to Achieve Hotel Luxury at Home - L&M Home

Plush Towels 

Achieve that tranquil spa atmosphere at home with soft towels in a neutral tone and with a generous weight. Woven in pure cotton, the Regent towel is designed with pampering in mind and is perfecting for wrapping yourself in after a bath or shower. Choose from classic white or grey

How to Achieve Hotel Style at Home - L&M Home

Statement Cushions

Channel a boutique hotel interior scheme with sophisticated cushions that stand out. Our Velvet Floral Cushions are a rich, luxurious and textural option that work well in both contemporary and classic spaces. Place on an occasional chair in the bedroom, or style in front of your pillows on the bed.

How to Achieve Hotel Style at Home - L&M Home

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