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Article: Get the Look | 3 Ways to Decorate a Stylish Kids’ Bedroom

Get the Look | 3 Ways to Decorate a Stylish Kids’ Bedroom

Small Wonders: Kids' Bedroom Styling 101

A child’s bedroom is their sanctuary to sleep, a place where whimsical adventures take place and they can escape from the world. Finding the balance between sparking your child’s creativity and yet creating a calming space is key. 

It is not only your child’s imagination that can run wild - this is a room where you can have endless fun with decorating. Use their personality to inspire you and create a space together that will suit both of your tastes.

Bohemian Baby

Laidback styling is ideal for kids’ room décor – nothing has to be perfectly neat and tidy! This look is all about texture such as knitted blankets, fringing, tassels and stone washed cotton

Natural Kids Bedroom

Introduce handmade pieces in natural materials for a down to earth look, like hand block printed textiles and woven baskets. Sticking to warm neutral tones pulls the space together and creates a serene atmosphere.

Dream in Colour

With a neutral backdrop, pops of colour are brought in with smaller pieces such as cushions, toys and throws. These can be easily modified as your child grows older and tastes change.

 Colourful Kids Room - L&M Home

Style within a specific palette of 3 or 4 main colours to keep the bedroom looking refined. Here we have chosen ochre, sage, grey and terracotta for a fun and bright yet aesthetically pleasing look. The result is a playful interior encouraging creativity.

Monochrome Magic

Whereas we usually turn towards colour to decorate children’s bedroom, a black and white kids’ room can be stunning. Textures and patterns play a big part here, providing a chic yet cheerful room with a Scandinavian influence. 

Monochrome Kids Room - L&M Home

A white backdrop ensures a fresh look, and grey tones can be added to soften the colour palette. Toys, motifs (such as the cloud wall hanging) and bold geometric patterns provide personality and prevent the space from looking too serious.

The added bonus to a monochrome bedroom is the timelessness – with a few tweaks to details, your child’s room will age with them to teenage years and beyond.

Get the Look 

Shop all the products featured here, and drop us a line or phone call at L&M Home if you need any more ideas! 

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