Plates & Bowls

Beautiful Wooden Plates and Bowls for Sale 

Introducing L&M Homes range of Mango Wood and Enamel platters, plates and bowls. This collection is perfect for splicing up the dining table while entertaining or as a placeholder for those small trinkets. 

Mango wood plates and bowls are sustainable, stylish and water-resistant 

Our collection of wooden plates, platters and bowls are crafted from mango wood – a material known for its variety of benefits. Firstly, it’s considered a sustainable product due to the fact that mango trees need to be cut down after they stop bearing fruit, at which point they’ve wielded excess amounts of wood that would otherwise be left to rot or burnt as fuel. Mango wood is also highly water-resistant, making it ideal for its use in the kitchen and dining room. Furthermore, as a strong and dense hardwood, this material is very durable and features a stunning grainy texture against beautiful golden-brown hues. 

Perfect for bringing luxury into your home or gifting to a loved one 

L&M Home’s collection of wooden bowls, plates and platters are the perfect conversation-starter at your next dinner party. Our diverse range includes wooden salad bowls, serving bowls, plate sets, and individual plates and platters. Impress your guests with a beautiful product and add a touch of nature to your table. Choose to make a bold statement with a pop of colour, or inspire intrigue with elegant hand-painted patterns – our stylish designs offer contemporary chic and luxe ambience to your home. 

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