Welcome to Winter 17.

We have spent the past months travelling and sourcing inspiration from the colours and textures we see around us. We have been busy at L&M Home designing and sampling products for this collection that are warm and inviting, in natural fibres and sumptuous tones. In addition to our textiles, we are introducing a selection of artisan baskets, bowls and plates.

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do.

68 results
Velvet Petite Blush Cushion
Velvet Petite Emerald Cushion
Velvet Petite Indigo Cushion
Velvet Petite Black Cushion
Velvet Midi Blush Cushion
Velvet Midi Emerald Cushion
Velvet Midi Indigo Cushion
Velvet Midi Black Cushion
Velvet Trim Blush Cushion
Velvet Trim Emerald Cushion
Velvet Fringe Blush Cushion
Velvet Fringe Emerald Cushion
Mondo Square Navy Cushion
Mondo Navy Sheet Sets
Mondo Navy Sheet Sets
From $493.00
Mondo Navy Duvet Cover Set
Mondo Navy Pillowcases
Congo Bowls
Sold Out - Back Soon
Congo Bowls
From $60.00
Congo Platter
Sold Out - Back Soon
Congo Platter
Congo Plates
Sold Out - Back Soon
Congo Plates
From $42.00
Halmstad Baskets Set of 2
Blue Stitch Pots Set of 3
Bamboo & White Lily Bowl
Bamboo & White Lily Jar
French Pear Bowl
Noir Dark Amber & Rose Bowl
Amara Kitchen Towel
Bird & Flow Kitchen Towel
Cruz Floor Emerald Basket
Cruz Floor Mink Basket
Cruz Floor Noir Basket
Cruz Floor Storm Basket
Cruz Maxi Emerald Basket
Cruz Maxi Mink Basket
Cruz Maxi Noir Basket
Cruz Maxi Storm Basket
Cruz Midi Emerald Basket
Cruz Midi Mink Basket
Cruz Midi Noir Basket
Cruz Midi Storm Basket
Cruz Oval Emerald Basket
Cruz Oval Mink Basket
Sold Out - Back Soon
Cruz Oval Noir Basket
Cruz Oval Storm Basket
Cruz Square Emerald Basket
Sold Out - Back Soon
Cruz Square Mink Basket
Sold Out - Back Soon
Baja Floor Natural Basket
Sold Out - Back Soon
Baja Maxi Natural Basket
Sold Out - Back Soon
Frankie Cushion
Frankie Cushion
From $77.00

68 results

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