Set the Table Series | White Christmas Table

Set the Table Series: White Christmas Table

Welcome to our Set the Table Series, where we show you easy ways of creating table settings for various occasions. Whether it be a summer BBQ, birthday celebration or Christmas dinner, we hope to inspire you to create your own fabulous table setting at home.

Can you believe it? Only a few weeks left till Christmas! Today we’re showing you our take on an all-white Christmas table. We’ve stuck to a neutral palette of white, silver & glass to keep it elegant and sophisticated, with just a hint of festive decorations with the addition of paper baubles & touches of silver.

What you will need to create this look:

  • Felice White Tablecloth
  • Felice White Napkins
  • Alto Platters
  • Alto Plates Small
  • Baby’s Breath Flowers
  • Pillar Candles
  • Tealight Candles
  • Assorted Small Jars
  • Paper Baubles
  • Glass dinner plates
  • Cutlery
  • Glassware


  • Firstly, set up your jars so they are ready to be placed on the table when required. Cut down the flowers to the size of your jars, then fill a few (4-6 depending on the size of your table) with water and the Baby’s Breath. Add a tealight to each of the remaining jars.
  • Lay down a white tablecloth. We’ve chosen Felice White as it is 100% cotton and has a crisp finish and lovely picoted edge. Moss White linen would also work well for this look.
  • Place down an Alto Platter as a charger plate and layer with your Alto Small Plates and glass dinner plates. Alternatively, place the Alto Small Pates down as a bread plate, next to each fork.
  • Add your cutlery and glassware (see notes below on placement).
  • Fill the centre of your table with the jars & candles. Start with the Baby’s Breath first, then the pillar candles and tealights to fill the gaps.
  • Finish each place setting with a Felice White Napkin and a paper bauble (we sourced ours from Kmart).
  • Light the candles before your guests arrive.

Top Tips:

  • It’s best to lay your place settings & plates first, so you can see how much space is left in the centre of the table for decorations & candles.
  • Flameless candles are a great alternative to real ones if your table is outside and exposed to the wind like we were in the shoot!
  • As mentioned, we toned down the typical Christmas table decorations to keep it simple, but you can add as many or as little as you like! Bon Bons, tinsel, baubles, greenery…the list goes on.
  • Remember: The forks go on the left and the knives go on the right, with the sharp side of the knife pointed towards the plate. Water and/or wine glasses go just above the knife. For a more formal setting, the bread plate goes to the left of the fork. 

Got any questions about styling your own White Christmas table?
You can email our in house stylist Nat,


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