Hand Loomed Cushions & Throws

by Nat Nesbitt July 25, 2018

Hand Loomed Cushions & Throws

For many years now, L&M have stocked hand loomed products because we believe that each piece is a true work of art, and with it comes a story of supporting artisan communities and keeping a traditional weaving process alive in today’s modern world.

Nearly every season we release a new hand loomed silk/wool or silk/linen throw and cushion range. We have a great appreciation for the workmanship, the time it takes to create each piece, and the process of hand looming. Here, we delve deeper into this amazing process, to give you a better understanding of how each piece is created.

The Material

The yarn used to create these beautiful products is acquired from across the Indian subcontinent, to our supplier on the outskirts Delhi. While each product is woven with linen, wool or cotton, it is the process of the silk which is the most fascinating. Tussar silk is the special fibre used in each handloomed cushion and throw. Tussar is known for its natural gold lustre and rich, uneven texture - a result of the manufacturing process being entirely by hand. Each yarn of Tussar silk is drawn by hand and palm-rolled into threads, ready for weaving. No chemical processes are used in the creation of the silk yarn, meaning it retains a natural, glossy finish. The lustre of the silk improves over time as the fabric relaxes and softens with age. Women in particular play a significant part of these preparatory stages of the hand looming process.

The Process

Making these cushions and throws is very labour intensive. Every piece is hand woven by a highly practised weaver, who has inherited the weaving skills from his ancestors, and honed them over many years on a Jacquard or treadle handloom.

All processes are done manually, from setting the loom, to fixing the warp, and the final setting ready for weaving. The setting of the loom is a pre-planned process, and every sequence of yarn type and colour combination is calculated well in advance.

Every cushion and throw is the singular effort of the weaver, making each piece subtly different from the next. Every craftsman has a personal technique and rhythm - the way he weaves the weft, holds the thread tension or beats the fabric, creates subtle variations and unique details. It usually takes a weaver 1½ days to create a single throw.

Each aspect of the process - the yarn, the hand weaving, the colour and the patterns make these cushions and throws exquisite. L&M Home will continue to stock these beautiful products, as they are timeless possessions to be cherished for a lifetime.

The Finished Product

Our Silk/Wool ranges are:

And our Silk/Linen ranges are:

Other hand loomed products include:

Nat Nesbitt
Nat Nesbitt

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