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Did you know that our ‘Dabu’ cushions are printed with mud? Yep, it’s a fascinating process and we’re going to take a further look at how these beautiful handmade products are created.

Dabu, which literally translates to ‘resist,’ is an 800 year old printing technique passed down through the generations of artisan communities in India.

Mud made from black clay, spoiled wheat flour, calcium and limestone is mixed together and sieved to form a fine paste. It is then applied to the fabric using a block with deeper groves and wider lines than the traditional printing blocks. Sawdust is sprinkled over the mud to prevent smudging and to aid the setting process and finally, the fabric is laid out to dry in the hot sun.

The fabric is then dyed in various colours and the mud is rinsed off to reveal the pattern.

When you understand the process of how these products are made, it makes them all the more special, knowing that this traditional printing technique is kept alive in artisan communities. Not only is a beautiful pattern printed into each piece, but a story.

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