Meet our Stylist, Toni Briggs

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got started in the interior styling world?

I once ran my own boutique retail nursery, The Potting Shed, and after it closed I worked with Rick Eckersley, managing his South Yarra retail store, Garden Traditions. During that time I worked with Rick and his florists to produce a series of gift cards, photographed by Tim Griffiths. This was my introduction to styling for the camera.

I then became a giftwares buyer for Georges Hostess Store and was sent on buying trips to New York, San Francisco, Paris and Florence, plus I attended major trade fairs in London, Milan and Frankfurt. I was fascinated by the trends in interiors and homewares but sadly this dream job came to an abrupt end when Georges closed.

I'd long wanted to work in publishing and style for magazines so I completed a few subjects in a Publishing and Writing course run by RMIT.  Melbourne photographer Simon Griffiths put me in touch with the editor of Australian Decorator magazine, and that was how I got into magazine styling. I ended up being the interior design editor for Australian Interiors magazine. They were such wonderful, fun days but very stressful too! I loved my time styling for magazines and have recently had work published in Australian House & Garden. I've also expanded my repertoire to include PR. My first client was Maree Kinsella, director of the Decoration + Design trade fair.  

My first catalogue for L&M Home (then Linen & Moore) was in 2007. When I look back at the very early years it makes me smile and you realise just how far the catalogue has evolved, although I’m sure our efforts were considered fabulous at the time, especially since they were produced without the luxury of a budget for locations or any major props.

How do you like to stay on top of what is new and trending?

Mostly through interior design and architecture publications (print and online) and for product and furniture trends I find attending talks on international fairs such as Milan or local trade fairs and retail very informative.

What is your favourite piece from the Winter 19 collection?

The Floral Velvet cushion collection ticks all the boxes for me; my favourite design is Flora.

L&M Home Toni Briggs

Who or what inspires you?

I’m consistently inspired by the beautiful work and words of Ilse Crawford. She is amazing! I also love and respect the originality and creativity of India Mahdavi and Faye Toogood. Right now I have a big crush on Joseph Dirand. I find his interiors authentic and so resolved, simply exquisite.

How would you describe your own interior style?

I’m still discovering my personal style, but on the whole I’m drawn to contemporary minimalist interiors that pull together a mix of antiques, contemporary art and furniture design.

What is the best thing about what you do?

I’ve always been interested in architecture and interiors, so for me styling is an extension of my passion really, plus I really enjoy the people I've met and helped along the way. 

L&M Home Toni Briggs What is your number one styling tip for the home?

Less is more. Resist the urge to have everything you own randomly displayed at once. Editing and re-grouping your possessions from time to time will inspire renewed interest, plus may even leave room for a new purchase!

Do you have a favourite Melbourne spot to eat?

Guy Grossi’s iconic Florentino Cellar Bar. 

Where is your dream destination?

I’ve always wanted to see the South Island of New Zealand. My dream is to find the time to take a long, relaxed holiday touring with my partner. I’d love to experience the diversity of the island and learn more about the Maori culture.

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