How to Make a Christmas Wreath

December 07, 2016 0 Comments

Nothing shouts 'it's Christmas!' like decorating your door or wall with a beautiful wreath. A foliage wreath is so simple and quick to put together, makes the home smell amazing, and dries in place allowing you to enjoy it for the whole festive season. 

All you need is some sturdy wire or a wire coat hanger you might already have at home, and some thinner wire for securing your foliage. Twist the sturdier wire around a small wastepaper bin or basket to create the hoop size of your choice.

Next, go gathering! Whether it's at your local florist, flower market, or simply in your garden, gather a variety of textures, and even some colour or flowers if you like. We have mixed together a few native foliage varieties for a simple green wreath. 

Start with the longer branches and twist them around the wire, securing the foliage with small pieces of wire if needed. Make sure all the leaves are pointing in the same direction to create a flowing circle. Once you have your base, it should be easier to twist and thread more stems and leaves through it to create a fuller wreath. Finally, attach any adornments such as flowers or berries that you might have. 

Hang on the front door to welcome guests, or even better hang on the wall in your living for an extra Christmas vibe in the home. 

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