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Summer 2019 Interior Design Trends we are Embracing

With the start of a new year and that ‘back to school’ mood, many of us are feeling inspired to give the home a new lease of life. With the beautiful long summers we are lucky to have here in Australia, there are a few more months of balmy weather left to keep the heavy duvets at bay. Here are a few of our favourite trends to motivate your summer decorating.

Sunset Hues

Summer 2019 is heating up. From golden neutrals to warm ochres and pinks, it is time to inject some summer warmth into interiors. This colour scheme draws from a palette taken straight from balmy sunsets, deserts, and vibrant native flora featuring blush, burnt orange, cinnamon, ochre and coral.

Warm up a bed or sofa with welcoming cushions in these shades to offer an uplifting mood within a room. Combined with neutrals or cooling blues, these tones create an elegant ambience.

Interior Trends Summer 2019 Australia 

Handmade Qualities

Imperfection is the new perfection. This is a theme that L&M Home has always embraced, particularly with the characteristic variations produced from hand printing.

Grounding and handmade elements in the home help us to feel more connected and down to earth. Think unique prints from hand carved blocks, hand woven palm leaf baskets, and textured hand loomed cushions and throws.

These finishes contrast with modern architecture and mass-produced products to bring natural and more relaxed, organic style into interiors. Below: Willow Tablecloth and Napkins. 

 Interior Trends Summer 2019 Australia

Mindful Purchasing

2019 sees more connection between the maker and the buyer. It is more important to people that they know where their products are coming from and who made them. 

This is why at L&M Home, we are telling the story behind our products and are as transparent as possible. This connection feels natural and brings a feeling of longevity and sustainability to interiors. Read about our block printers here and hand loomers here.

Interior Trends Summer 2019 Australia

Tactile Weaves

With a large percentage of society’s days spent at a computer, we desire more sensory textures at home. We are seeing more chunky, complex weaves created by hand for a cosy, inviting space. 

Let these textured weaves do the talking by using more neutral tones with flecks of colour incorporated. See our latest woven cushions and throws here. 

Interior Design Trends Summer 2019 Australia

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