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Article: L&M Guide | Tips for Decorating an Apartment

L&M Guide | Tips for Decorating an Apartment

Apartment Living | Tips for Decorating and Entertaining in Small Spaces

Decorating-wise, small spaces can be tricky to navigate. With the right design choices however, an apartment does not need to be limiting. Follow our tips for decorating a small apartment to create an inviting, inspiring and personal space that reflects your style, even when entertaining friends.

Colour Scheme

Give each room a distinct personality with a loose colour scheme. In a rental apartment that you may not have much design control over, similar tones throughout the decor help the space to become more cohesive.

Once the larger and more statement pieces are in place, such as the sofa and rug, add cushions that speak to these colours. Mix textures and fabrics, adding a chunky throw for a cosy and inviting space. Remember that these smaller pieces can be easily changed over time, so have fun with decorating!

Below: Palermo Cushion, Calcutta Throw, Calcutta CushionShimla Cushion, Mona Tilted Vase, Palma Rug (coming soon!)

L&M Home Apartment Living Decorating

Get Creative with Seating

Having guests over in an apartment can bring up a seating conundrum. Think outside the box and have a floor cushion or two handy. This flexible option is great for lounging next to the sofa as well as sitting pretty when not in use. 

Below: Lagom Floor Cushion, Burton Earth Throw, Palma Rug (coming soon!), Java TrayL&M Home Apartment Living Decorating

Multifunctional Pieces

Floor cushions are one of these as they are also wonderful for balcony/garden seating or for taking on a relaxed picnic or ‘glamping’. Choose other pieces that can be adaptable; side tables can double up as a coffee or bedside table, and a stylish tray vignette can quickly transform into a serving tray for drinks.

Below: Fleur Napkins.

L&M Home Apartment Living Decorating

Elevate Casual Dining

No space for a formal dining table? A lavish spread of drinks and antipasto or nibbles is made more luxurious with linen napkins. A pile of beautiful block printed napkins next to the food elevates the experience and has the bonus of being more environmentally friendly than disposable serving ware!

Maximise Living Space with a Balcony

Extend your living area with an indoor/outdoor style space. L&M Home rugs are light enough to be moved where needed and a beautiful textured blanket is perfect for keeping warm during Melbourne’s cool spring days. Please note that our pieces are not designed to be left outside.

Below: Mona Small Planter, Mona Large Planter, Kiln Pair, Croft Table, Monterey Rug (coming soon!)

L&M Home Apartment Living Decorating

Add Life with Plants

When in doubt, add greenery. Fresh flowers in a Mona Vase or some trailing foliage in a Mona Planter instantly brings energy into a room. Style them on the floor, shelves and any other spare surfaces.

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