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L&M Guide | 4 Stylish Solutions with Baskets

February 12, 2019 2 min read

L&M Guide | 4 Stylish Solutions with Baskets

4 Stylish Solutions with Baskets

Our wide range of Cruz and Baja Baskets are hand woven using sustainably sourced palm leaves by skilled craftspeople in Mexico. Each basket is a true one-of-a-kind artisan product, making a connection between culture, the weaver and the home. 

Double layered to make them durable as well as beautiful, these baskets come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes. While the possibilities of uses are endless, here are a few ideas you may not have thought of. 

Blooming Baskets

The current houseplant trend is here to stay. As well as adding beautiful lush greenery to a home, plants can improve air quality by purifying pollutants in our surroundings.

Baskets are a beautiful way to display plants and hide any unsightly plastic pots. They add a handmade, textural and stylish edge to plants. Just be sure to place a dish underneath the plant to catch any water. 

Any of L&M Home's baskets can be used to display plants, but we especially recommend the Cruz Midi, Cruz Maxi and Baja Maxi Baskets. 

Dog in Basket

Puppy Love

Puppies and kittens alike love our Baja Floor and Cruz Floor Baskets, lined with a cosy cushion or throw. With the ability to choose from four beautiful tones to suit the decor of your interior, this makes a very stylish alternative to dog beds. Please note that these are more suited to smaller, lighter pets. 

Bathroom Basket Storage

Bathroom Basket Storage

Bathroom Storage 

Display your prettiest lotions and potions in our smaller baskets to keep them in reach and organised. Use the Cruz Oval and Trio Baskets for smaller items like cotton pads, cosmetics and face towels. Our larger baskets are perfect for neatly storing laundry, towels or loo paper. 

Magazine Basket Storage

Mini Library

In this digital world we live in, there's nothing like holding a physical magazine or book in your hands. Stack all your tactile reading material in the perfectly shaped Cruz Square Basket in your living room, corridor or bedroom. Tuck a throw in there for snuggly reading sessions too! 

Magazine Basket Storage

Other ideas? The smaller baskets can also be used for jewellery, knick knacks, keys and coins, while the larger baskets can store toys, linen or cushions.

Polly Rowan
Polly Rowan

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