Home Comforts: The art of hunkering down


We take a closer look at the little things that can make all the difference when what you really want is to draw the curtains, light a candle and truly hunker down.

All Snuggled Up 

There can be no place more capable of nurturing and caring than your home. Even (and, in fact, especially) in these uncertain and worrisome times, it has the ability to become a deeply comforting space just for you and your family. Make your living space a haven by introducing tactile textures and cosy touches – perfect for relaxing and unwinding. Discover inner warmth by lighting a fire and surrounding yourself with super soft blankets and cushions – just add a hot drink and a good book



“You can’t beat the luxuriously soft feel of cashmere for chilly Winter days. Instantly adding texture to any room, rugs, floor cushions and throws provide an extra-cosy touch to the home.” 

Anna Lofts, Founder


Family Feast 

Timeless linen and striking candlesticks are the perfect duo for intimate dinners – just layer tableware and glasses to suit your style. For added seasonal ambience, dot the table with foraged foliage, all while enjoying a selection of seasonal sharing plates.



Sleep Sanctuary

Curling up in bed never looked so inviting. Retreat to your sanctuary and cosy up with our sumptuously snuggly quilts, strokeably soft bed linen and textured throws. Create a calming space with subtle shades for a peaceful night sleep. Keep bedsides harmonious by choosing simple and functional accessories.



“A cosy hug for the soul, our textured blankets and tactile cushions stave off the seasonal chill.”

 Danielle Bowers, Creative Director


Relaxation Revisited

Reclaim a little ‘me time’ with some well-deserved pampering. Enjoy moments of calm in your own at-home spa sanctuary, surrounded by relaxing essential oils and luxurious bath products.

Nothing beats unwinding in a warm bath, then cocooning yourself in a luxuriously soft 100% cotton towel. Our beautifully soft and cosy robe is suited to everything from shower-time and breakfast to wind-down and night-time soak. Repeat after us, “And relax…”


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