Give Back this Christmas | $1 Donation Every Order this December

Give Back this Christmas

We are happy to be donating $1 for every online order placed in December to I-India, one of our supported charities!

We take inspiration from our travels, exploring the far corners of the globe, capturing culturural influences, colour and texture to bring our collections to life. We work closely with artisans in India to create many of our unique products, and so it is a place close to our hearts. 


I-India's Mission

I-India aim to provide care, love and development for children living on the streets of Jaipur and in conditions of extreme poverty. They strive to help as many children as possible and focus on those in most urgent need. 

It was established in in 1993 and currently reach over 3000 children daily through street schools, residential homes and vocational centres.

I-India L&M Home

Transforming Futures

This non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Jaipur assists children with immediate challenges, such as homelessness, child labourers, malnutrition and illness, while also developing their attitudes and skills in a way so that they have greater choice to transform their future.

To find out more about I-India's amazing work or to donate further, please visit their site here.

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