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Curate your home

Our homes are more important than ever right now. They are at the core of our existence in 2020 - where we relax, eat, socialise, and even work and study. It is beneficial to curate this space to lift our spirits as much as possible.

This winter, home is a place to be cocooned in luxurious fabrics, savour comforting seasonal food, and feel the plushness of a towel after a long shower. 


L&M Home Winter 20

Curved Forms and Classical Style

This season tells a story inspired by a classical style of ancient architecture and curvaceous forms, harmonised with softness and warmth.

The collection celebrates tactile materials from the chalky texture of matte ceramics, to soft and relaxed draping fabrics.


L&M Home Winter 20

Quiet Neutrals 

Organic forms, sculpted curves and a play on proportions exhibit moments of interest in a space. Tonal palettes of quiet neutrals, cool tones, and grounding earthy hues create a welcoming serenity in our home.


L&M Home Winter 20 

Artisan Made

Mindful design connects with the narrative behind the object, encompassing iconic style and quality. As always we rejoice in the distinctiveness and richness of the hand crafted, with appreciation for the artisan.


L&M Home Winter 20

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