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L&M Guides: Creating the Ultimate Cheese Platter

July 01, 2016

L&M Guides: Creating the Ultimate Cheese Platter

Here at L&M HQ we are huge fans of a delicious and hearty cheese board, especially on a Friday afternoon! Put out a cheese board at a party and you will make everyone happy, so here is our cheese platter guide from cheeses and quince jellies, to getting creative with presentation...
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  • Aim for around 25g per cheese per person and 5 – 6 cheeses. Make sure these have been sitting at room temperature for at least an hour before serving to bring out the taste.
  • Variety is the key - go for different textures including hard cheeses and creamy ones, and an assortment of flavours ranging from mild to strong, with varying ages. Throw in a stinky blue cheese if you’re feeling brave! Arrange the cheeses clockwise from mild to strong for your guests to work their way around.
  • If in doubt, go to a specialist cheesemongers or deli and have a chat with a specialist, try a few cheeses (win!), and learn which drinks to pair the cheeses with.
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  • As well as the obvious crackers, include something sweet to contrast with the cheese such as a quince paste, honey, dried fruits, grapes, and even some dark chocolate.
  • Add some nibbles with different textures such as nuts (walnuts/almonds), cured meats (such as salami or prosciutto), olives, bread, and fresh fruit like figs or sliced apples.
  • Of course a glass of wine or a cold cider always goes down well with a cheese platter also...! 
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  • Luckily you don’t have to try too hard for a cheese platter to look spectacular! Mix up the crackers, fruits, meats etc among the cheeses for a colourful, effortless, and abundant look.
  • Add some greenery to freshen up the look of the board – rosemary leaves make a nice touch, or some peppery rocket leaves.
  • Use a natural linen tablecloth such as our Moss Natural Table Linen to give a relaxed look and let the cheese board stand out as the centre piece.
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  • Whether it’s a chopping board, piece of slate, or a slab of marble, chances are you will have something lying around the house that you can already use.
  • If you fancy investing in something more special here are some of our favourite cheese boards...

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Enjoy! What are your favourite things to include on a cheese platter?

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