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Cocoon Designs is a beautiful furniture and interior design store in the picturesque seaside town of Penguin in Tasmania. They offer a unique range of furniture, rugs, and home accessories including Linen & Moore cushions, bed linen, and throws. Their aim is to transform the home into a 'cocoon' and they also offer a complete interior design service. With the cold weather setting in, this sounds very welcoming right now!

We had a chat with the lovely ladies behind Cocoon Designs, Karen and Linda, about their inspiration, style loves and hates, and their dream destinations... 

How long has Cocoon been established?
It will be 3 years in July since we opened the shop but Cocoon has been around for about 15 years - I worked from home as an interior designer. 

What inspires your creativity?
We really bounce off each other well - things evolve and we have so much fun working in the shed. The beauty in nature is probably where a lot of our inspiration begins, I suppose. 

What is your favourite interior style?
Karen: I don't have a particular favourite... I love French industrial, I quite like coastal/natural, and also a bit of Moroccan. And of course the simple clean Scandinavian style is gorgeous! It is probably easier to say what a don't like - black, silver, and red! I don't like bling. 
Linda: I also hate black, red, silver, and bling. My favourite style is vintage French/antique, but again I adore Scandinavian simplicity. 

Where is your current dream destination?
We both love Tasmania. It is such a beautiful place with so much to explore. 
Karen: I would like to see Africa, or actually I would love to go just about anywhere. 
Linda: Italy. 

Favourite place to eat in the local area?
There is a lovely local Spanish restaurant called El Perro, we both love it there. I'm a vegetarian and there is so much for me to choose from! 

Something you can't live without?
Karen: I can't live without my children and my wonderful husband. I burn off stress either outside in the bush or at the gym. 
Linda: I can't live without my family and children and being at home. 
Thank you to Karen and Linda for your time and for allowing us an insight into your beautiful business! Follow Cocoon Designs on Facebook and visit their website.

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