Block Printed Bordeaux Table Linen in the Making

Have you ever wondered how our beautiful Bordeaux table linen is made? So much detail goes into making each piece, we thought we should share this with you.

Hand block printing is an ancient old technique practised in over 20 regions in India. The process involves great skill and creativity. Natural and chemical dyes are used to create the beautiful colour palette you see on each of our designs.

A block maker carves the intricate patterns/designs by hand onto wood, namely Teak. Once the block design is complete a master craftsman dips the block into a tray of dye and then with skilled procession presses firmly onto stretched fabric. Prints are layered over prints to create the beautiful cloth that will eventually adorn your table.

The time it takes and the work involved to make one tablecloth can depend on how many colours are in any one design. Keep in mind that the fabric is hung out to dry between each block pattern being printed and each colour being used.

It is truly amazing how much work and skill goes into creating these beautiful textiles.

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