Wool/Silk Handmade Throws in the Making

November 06, 2013

Wool/Silk Handmade Throws in the Making

After years of putting together collections you come across some products that absolutely take your breath away. For some seasons now Linen & Moore have been stocking these wool/silk throws and cushions and we just cannot get enough of them!

On our recent trip to India we were given the pleasure of visiting one of our suppliers workshops on the outskirt of Delhi, the same supplier who creates these beautiful throws and cushions.

We  have always had an appreciation for products such as these, which take so much time and love to create. The minute we walked into this workshop we were speechless.

There is nothing more inspiring than experiencing the true beauty of art being created.

Stepping into the workshop, you are greeted with the hum of spinning wheels and clicking shuttles to and fro.

The process for making these pieces is highly labour intensive. While procuring the yarns from across Indian subcontinent is just one part of the story the handloom Jacquard and treadle weaving which creates each piece is another.

Every piece is hand woven by a highly skilled weaver, who has honed and inherited the weaving skills from his ancestors, on the very basic Jacquard or treadle handloom, where every process is manually executed.  The setting of the loom is a pre planned process, where every sequence of yarn type and colour is calculated well in advance. All processes from setting of the loom, to fixing the warp, to final setting for weaving are done manually. Women play a significant part by being involved in all preparatory stages from spinning to spooling in yarns the warp and for each piece that is woven.

The other significant quality of each pieces is the use of design sensibility , aesthetic use of colour and pattern be it in bold geometrics or in the fine textural forms. The colours are worked out especially each  season and so are the patterns. A strong inspiration for the designs are the African art and textiles as well as the Scandinavian  sensibilities.

Every piece is the singular effort of the weaver. He is driven by the passion of an artist, a poet, a creator to make a piece with such love and care.

A weaver usually takes 1½ days to weave one throw. It is his distinct creation subtly different from those of others in the way he knows the weft or beats the fabric like the variation in strokes of each artist who creates a masterpiece. In this time of speed the weaver still dwells in a timeless  leisurely era, where time stands still.

Each aspect of each throw, the material, the hand weaving, the colour, the patterns make them exquisite. Linen & Moore will continue to stock these much loved beauties, we hope each throw/cushion is getting the appreciation it deserves.

These are timeless possessions to be cherished for a lifetime.

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