L&M Guide | Taking Care of Your Bed Linen

by Nat Nesbitt February 05, 2015

L&M Guide | Taking Care of Your Bed Linen

Make sure your bed linen has the longest life possible and ages beautifully with our washing care tips. 

All bed linen MUST be washed separately before use. Chemicals are used in production of cotton fabric and it may cause pilling unless washed out.

For general laundering we recommend a 40 degree wash with a gentle detergent. Do not pack your machine full, you get a better result if the fabric can move during wash.

Do not use chlorine bleach or strong washing powders containing bleach as this may cause yellow stains and also damage the cotton.

Pure cotton bed linen will shrink up to 3% in the first wash, which is allowed for in the manufacturing. Another reason to wash your bed linen prior to use. The hotter the wash and tumble dry, the more shrinkage you will get.

Rinse well and either line dry or tumble on gentle.

Nat Nesbitt
Nat Nesbitt

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