Retailer of the Month | September, VIC

by Polly Rowan September 30, 2015

Retailer of the Month | September, VIC

Say hello to our first 'Retailer of the Month' feature! We are showing a snapshot of some of our favourite retailers around Australia each month. In September we interviewed Bruce at Watershed Union, one of our fabulous stockists in Victoria.

1. How long has Watershed Union been established?
Almost 5 years

2. What inspires your creativity?
We are a fusion of vintage industrial and Scandinavian. So some of the early 1900s American photographers such as Lewis Wickes Hine and many of the current amazing Scandinavian designers.

3. Favourite destination?
No question. New York City.

4. Favourite Restaurant?
Not so much of a restaurant, but we can’t get by without our coffee from Bar Ristretto in Hawthorn West Village.

5. One thing you could not be without on a desert island?
A boat smile emoticon

Thanks Bruce! We loved reading your answers and the styling at Watershed Union is beautiful, as usual.



Polly Rowan
Polly Rowan

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