Retailer of the Month | November, QLD

This month we're heading to Queensland for our Retailer of the Month feature. We interviewed creative director Jasmine of the luxe bohemian style store, St. Barts

1. How long has St Barts been established?
6 years.

2. What inspires your creativity?
Finding and working with amazing artisans on our travels.

3. Favourite destination?
Right now? Home - Kingscliff northern N.S.W. - because we have been away so much travelling.

4. Favourite restaurant/cafe in Brisbane?
Sixes and Sevens in New Farm.

5. One thing you could not be without on a desert island?
My partner and my dogs, love is all you need...

Thanks Jasmine for your lovely answers! And also to Janine from Frangipani Road for all your help. Images are from St. Barts.

Fullscreen capture 30112015 32912 PMSt. Barts 4Fullscreen capture 30112015 32158 PM

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